Sailors Pub and Deja-Vu cocktail bar.

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Sunday, January 17th was a pretty calm day. When I woke up, in the afternoon, I decided to go check out Unirii Square, actually the Unirea Shopping Center. It’s one of the first (if not first) modern mall in the country, over 250 shops are spread through 4 floors… I did not like the way it’s organized, however if you are looking for clothing, gifts, cosmetics, cellphones – you cn probably find what you need at Unirea.  The metro stations right in front of the center is called Piata Unirii. I walked there from Piata Romana, where I am staying then I got a call from Bogdan who told me we were going to a pub, so I went home by metro to save some time.

I think it was after 9 when I met Bogdan at the Victory Square (Piata Victoriei metro station). We walked for a few blocks and made it to the pub called “Sailors”. Pretty cool place, it has 2 floors of sitting area and in the basement you can play darts. The beer is well priced, 6 Lei (about $2) per 0.5L (I think that’s what it was) of Beck’s… Some of Bogdan’s friends were there some came later. By the end of the night there was Bogdan, Sebi (whom I keep calling Stefi), Sebi’s girlfriend Georgiana, Theodora, Ionica (another Bogdan), Alex a.k.a Pizdinu (I will not translate his nickname -but those who know, know) and me. The party ended a bit after midnight because most people have a job to go to in the morning. Georgiana being the most sober one drove Sebi, Bogdan and me home… I love how Touareg handles winter weather :

When I got home I did not want to go to bed… so I decided to go get a drink at a bar. Since I live downtown I figured there should be many bars near me. After walking for about five minutes I spotted a place called “Deja-Vu” so I went in. The bar had a Russian theme going on (posters from communist times), the music was ok and there were 2 very good looking and almost naked girls dancing on the bar…  I got a Jack & Coke (how American of me).

deja-vu cocktail bar in Bucharest

I met both barmen for the night, Sergei and Ivan – I spoke Russian to them. They told me the place is indeed a Russian bar/club and is a known cocktail bar. The cocktails are very overpriced; 24 Lei ($8) for the Jack’n’Coke. It’s a normal price for Canada but for Bucharest it is very expensive, Sergei confirmed it, he told me they are one of the most expensive places in town. Beer, however is not as expensive, 10 Lei ($3.5) for a glass of Heineken on draft. Sergei also offered me a drink on the house. I can’t remember the name but it was made out of Vodka, melon and garlic – I liked it.

The atmosphere is nice, from what they told me the music is usually good (live DJ mixing mainstream house, much of it is Russian and Romanian house) and on Wednesdays they have live music from 11pm til 1am. I will be coming back to Deja-Vu :) You can check them out online: Deja-Vu Club

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