Invisible Exhibition – Warsaw, Poland

How much money would you be willing to pay for an exhibition that you can’t see? I paid about $8 and it was totally worth it!


photo by Elizabeth Viatkin

The Invisible Exhibition (Niewidzialna Wystawa) in Warsaw offers just that: a tour into the world “without sight”. They asked us to not reveal too many details about this great exhibition so I will keep it short.

Before entering the exhibition rooms you will be instructed on how to behave. These little rules and hints will be very useful, so listen carefully. After the instructions your guide will take through a very memorable experience when you will use all your senses, except the sight. Your guide will be either blind or almost and you will not see anything for about an hour, while going through the exhibition.

It is highly suggested to contact the folks at Niewidzialna Wystawa a day in advance (especially if you want a tour in English). When I went there they told us that sometimes you might wait a while for a tour and someday they are sold out for the day. If you are a big group – you should also contact them in advance and reserve a tour.

If you can’t visit this exhibition in Warsaw – you can also visit it in Budapest and Prague.

One last tip: bring a few złoty with you for the tour, they might come in very handy at the end of the tour 😉

The regular tickets cost 24 zł on weekdays and 28 zł on weekends. You will pay 3 zł less if you buy the tickets online. Lower prices are also offered for students, elderly, families and groups.

For more info: Niewidzialna Wystawa Website (EN and PL)


– Alex

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