Warsaw to Berlin – Cheapest Way to Travel

In April I decided to leave Warsaw for a week and visit Berlin, my favorite city in the world. There are many ways to get there but what’s the cheapest way to get from Warsaw to Berlin?

Berlin to Warsaw

Warsaw – Berlin by air:

This is the first option that comes to mind – however this is usually the most expensive one. The cheapest plane ticket I found from Warsaw to Berlin was about 200 ($280). I am sure you might be able to find some cheaper low-cost flights from time to time but I wasn’t able to find any.

Warsaw – Berlin by train:

Traveling by train is often comfortable and the train journey from Warsaw to Berlin lasts a little more than 5 hours (no connections needed). The train ride will cost you abut € 60 ($80). A lot cheaper than flying, however, still not the cheapest way.

Warsaw – Berlin by bus:

PolskiBus.com is a quite popular way of getting to Berlin from Warsaw (or back). Traveling a long distance by bus is not very comfortable – but it is cheaper. PolskiBus leaves Warsaw and stops in 2 other Polish cities before heading to Berlin – this is why it takes almost 9 hours to reach the destination. The cost? € 25 ($35) if you purchase the ticket a few days before leaving. You can pay as low as € 12-13 ($17) if you buy this ticket months in advance.

Warsaw – Berlin by rideshare:

Rideshare or carpooling is becoming more and more popular around the world. It seems like BlaBlaCar.com is the most popular car-sharing website in Europe. On this website you can either find a driver with a car, or offer a ride in your car for a relatively small fee. The goal here is not to make money but to simply split the cost of fuel. The prices vary from 15 € to 35 € but the number that I see most of the time is 22 € ($30). Warsaw to Berlin car trip takes about 5 hours.


The Best and Cheapest Way to Travel from Berlin to Warsaw (Warsaw to Berlin).

Flying is expensive. Trains are expensive. I went from Warsaw to Berlin by bus for 25 € – which is rather cheap, but I really hated being in the bus for about 9 hours. PolskiBus also advertizes free WiFi on board, however WiFi was not available in that bus, which made the trip that much longer. On my way back from Berlin to Warsaw I decided to go with rideshare (BlaBlaCar). For a bit more than 20 € I got to Warsaw within 5 hours. Besides the fast trip, I was also a lot more comfortable in the car (it was actually a Mercedes van) than in the bus. So my personal recommendation would be carpooling. It’s the most comfortable and fastest way to travel without breaking the bank.

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Photo of the Day 1

Like most people these days I often snap random photos with my phone. I have decided to share some of these photos on this blog. I am sure I won’t be able to post a new photo every single day but I will try to post as often as possible.


This is a photo of the line-up for a… kebab! Mustafa’s kebab in Berlin is very known and popular. Some people claim they had to wait over 2 hours to get a tasty lunch. The queue that you see in this photo – that’s about 1 hour wait. Is it really that good and is it really worth the wait? I will give out all the details in another blog post some time soon :)

– Alex