Alex Traveling: Let it begin

Well, here is the first post… it should have been here  2 days ago but I didn’t have my laptop charger because… let’s start from the beginning.

Seems like I will be traveling a lot in 2010, and by a lot I mean at least 8 months out of the year so I decided to start this blog; to keep my friends and family updated and to provide helpful tips to folks who will travel to sam destinations as me.

On January 12th I hoped on a plane in YUL (Montreal) with a final destination of Bucharest, Romania. At the airport I was told that my flight from Paris to Bucharest (layover) was canceled. No big deal, Air France made me another ticket for a plan that was schedule one hour after the original – which gives me an extra hour to visit Paris (my layover was 9 hours).

On January 13th I arrived to Charles de Gaulle airport at 7 am.

charles de gaulle

Cab fares seemed a little too expensive so I decided to take the train to town. The lady at the RER counter was very nice and welcoming, maybe because I spoke French however, she gave me a map and circled all the locations I should visit in Paris, she also explained how ticketing worked and advised me to purchase a full day unlimited pass for 18.70 euros instead of the 17 euro ticket which only gives me access to a round trip from the airport.

First stop – Saint-Michel Notre Dame. The train took about 45 minutes to reach the destination. To my surprise it was still dark outside eve though it was past 8am. First thing I saw was whole bunch of motorcycles and scooters driving on te streets… it surprised me only because it was snowing and there was at least 2cm of snow everywhere… a little slippery to ride a motorbike, no? I guess not for the French. I walked to the Cathedrale Notre-Dame and took some pictures from the outside. Yes, we have our own in Montreal but this was the real deal.

Cathedrale Notre Dame in Paris

I walked around for an hour and decided to go see the Eiffel Tour. How big of a cliché? Being in Paris for the first time and only for half a day – I had to at least see it. I went down to the metro and took the C line and took the metro towards Chateau de Versailles. La Tour Eiffel was only a few stops away from Notre-Dame. I walked to it, hoping maybe I could go up. When I saw the never-ending line of tourists to the ticket counter – I thought that going u the tower was not important and I’ll get a chance to do it this summer… so I decided to take a few snaps and walk around the neighborhood.

Eiffel Tower iphone2 017

After walking around and getting my feet wet and cold, I decided that Eiffel Tour took enough of my time so I headed back to Saint-Michel. The RER lady at the airport told me there were a lot of nice places if I was hungry. There were hundreds :) It’s called Quartier Latin and it’s a maze of coffee shops and restaurants. I found a place that seemed nice, it’s called “Le Depart”.  I had a crêpe with cheese, ham and an egg and of course a coffee… an American coffee as they cal it. The price was reasonable (10 Euros) or maybe the price seemed fine only because restaurants near the Eiffel tower charged as much for a coffee and a croissant… anyways the food was good and I enjoyed their free WiFi  while there.

breakfast in Paris Quatier Latin in Paris

I walked around some more and headed back to the airport. Although the weather was bad and I didn’t have much time, I enjoyed my short stay in Paris and can’t wait till I come back for more this summer.

I gotta run now, next post should be here later today… and hopefully before I go out to a club because unlike Montreal, Bucharest clubs ad bars are open until 5 am or longer 😀