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This post is going to be a little bit of a taboo, so if you don’t want to read about drugs and prostitutes, please do yourself a favor and skip this post.

Red Light District Windows Amsterdam

A lot of websites offer lots of info on these subjects but a lot of them are outdated, this post in recent (summer 2010) so here it comes…

Smoking weed is pretty much tolerated anywhere in town… most terraces allow it, a lot of people smoke it on the street, of course inside the coffeeshops and some regular bars also allow smoking marijuana. Selling pot outside of coffeeshops is illegal… and simply not worth it. “Street dealers” (and you’ll see a lot of them in the Red Light District) would not sell cheaper than coffeeshops, you never know the quality of the product they are selling and you are running the risk of getting caught by cops, so please, use coffeeshops.

Prices vary from 4€ to 18€ per gram, all depending on what you are looking for; weed, hash, energy, relaxation…etc. Legal limit of marijuana that you could have on you is 5 grams, coffeeshops aren’t allowed to sell you more than 5 grams as well…

Many harder drugs are illegal, however not all. For example, magic mushrooms got banned in 2008, so now people are selling magic TRUFFLES, which do not fall under the mushrooms category and therefor are completely legal. Smartshops (that sell magic truffles and other soft drugs) are not as easy to find

Red Light District Window Shopping

And now about the famous red light window girls… a 3 minute walk from the Central Station will bring you to hundreds of red windows that feature half-naked ladies from all over the world… super skinny, overweight, Eastern European, Asian, African, top-model-looking, ugly as hell – all of them are here.

Many guys are wondering about the prices of the Red Window services… well prices have been stable for a while now, 50€ for a s&f (suck and f*ck). This will usually happen in 15 minutes or less. As far as my “research” goes, the prices are non-negotiable and pretty much all the girls charge the same price, regardless of how they look. When entering a window, you need to however discuss all the details in advance; what exactly is offered as service, where can you touch, etc… Another option is “privéhuizen” or “private house”. It’s basically a brothel where you can chose a lady to your taste for a private session. These places suppose to offer a better service and lower rates (something like 50€ for 30 minutes) however the ladies might not be as good-looking as the ones in the Red Light District. Regardless of where you go, condoms will be provided.

From time to time you might stumble upon a “street-lady” offering her services, but just like it’s recommended to buy the herbs at coffeeshops it is also recommended to stay away from these “street workers”. Prostitution in The Netherlands is legal, however it is being monitored and the ladies pay taxes, this is why, I think, street-action is illegal.

Another thing you might be interested in is Sex Shows. Quite a few places in Amsterdam offer LIVE sex shows which could be worth checking out. Try Cassa Rosso (rated #1, tickets @ 30€) or you can also check out the Moulin Rouge which is second best but also comes with a lower price tags and you could try to bargain with the promoter at the door for an additional discount.

That is all that comes to my mind right now, if you have any questions on the subject of drugs/sex in Am*dam, feel free to leave a comment right under this post.

Till then,


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  1. Man….. est-ce qu’elles avaient l’aire peté? Genre.. vraiment drogué? huhuuuu ya plein de probleme d’escorte las bas pareil… t’as pas vus d’enfant jespere! hahaha

  2. Personne avait l’air “peté”, au contraire meme… ici ces choses sont securitaire 😉

  3. Hey Alex,
    question hors context, mais est ce que tu entretenais ta business de IM en meme temps, ou bien est ce que tu as laisser aller les ventes pendant le voyage ?
    Je vois que ton IM blog est fermer.. y a t il une raison en particulier ???

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