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I am Alex, a 20-something Montrealer (originally from Kyiv, Ukraine) who loves traveling the world, learning new things and exploring new cultures. I also love German cars, European motorcycles and Music, anything from Balkan Gypsy to Trance goes…

Alex travel Blog

photo by Elizabeth V.

I initially started Alex Traveling blog in 2010 when I traveled to Romania in January (not the best time to travel there). I ended up being away from home for about 9 months that year. I tried to blog while traveling but unfortunately my laptop gave up on me in the first weeks so I abandoned that idea.

Then life happened and I wasn’t able to travel for the next few years (I guess I simply wasn’t motivated enough to make it happen). Well, in 2014 Alex is Traveling again, for almost 6 months.

In this blog I will share my travel experiences, tips and tricks. Many travelers often have simple questions (ex. what’s the cheapest way to get to the city center from the airport, am I allowed to d this in a certain country, what food to eat in another country, etc.) I will try to answer many of these questions and make your traveling experience better and help you avoid some of the headache.

So, stay tuned, visit this blog more often and most importantly don’t hesitate asking questions! If you see that I am in a certain country/city and you have a question about this city – go ahead, ask!

– Alex


  1. Hi Im looking to buy a Peugeot 405. Did your friend bring one from overseas ?


  2. Hey Alex, great blog! It’s always good to ‘bump into’ another hitchhiker, even if only virtually 😉 Hope to see you on the road one day!

  3. I sure hope we’ll meet someday on the road :)
    Love your site!

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