When Will I Travel Again

2011 has reached its third month and I am planning to travel and blog about it again, some time! As I looked at 2010, I’ve only spent a total of 4 months at home (in Montreal)… in February I went to Romania for a month, as soon as I was back I headed to Las Vegas for a WA Conference (more on that in another post). Than in early June I left for Europe… Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania (again), Ukraine and I even drove through Moldova… what a trip, 7 months of JOY for me. As I was flying back home from Amsterdam – I realized that I want to spend as much time as possible in Europe and maybe even move to Berlin or something…

In 2011 I’d love to be going back to Europe, not sure it will be possible though… 2012-2013 seems more realistic… and I will bring a working computer with me so I WILL blog about it more than I did in 2010. I will also try to do more videos :) Well, here are some pics from the 2010 trip, enjoy and I will keep you updated!

Palace of the Parliament – Bucharest

Las Vegas

Nuit Blanche, Montreal

Park in Uman’, Ukraine

In Krakow, Poland (with Greg)

Sunrise in Crimea, Ukraine

Prague, Czech Republic

Word Cup Fever in Berlin, DE

Koln (Cologne), Germany

A cool day in Brussels, Belgium

“in Brugges” Belgium

Boat tour of Amsterdam

Watching a football game in Ghent.

Famous Holland Waffels

Driving my car to a VW Fest in UA

After clubbing in Berlin, 8am!

Port in Odessa, Ukraine