Cheap Accomodations in Europe (free accomodations)

CouchSurfingI am finally back home to Montreal after almost 7 months spent in Europe. First of all – it was amazing. No regrets about anything, I wouldn’t exchange this experience for anything in the world. Now, less about me and more about things YOU could do when you travel.

I have used Couch Surfing pretty much throughout the whole trip (except Poland and Ukraine where I had friends and family). What exactly is CouchSurfing (CS)? It’s an online community of folks who help each other travel. People from all over the world offer you a place to sleep, free of charge. Why? Because they want to help, because they want to learn about other cultures, because they want to meet new friends…  So basically before you go to a city, you do a search for available couches on CS then you sent requests to people you think you’d like to stay with. My experience with CS has been simply amazing! The Italian Alessio in Amsterdam, The German Mirjam in Brussels, The Russian DJ Andrei in Cologne, The Surf/Beach bum Bjorn in Berlin – and many others, all amazing people who did not only let me sleep at their place but also took me around town, introduced me to their friends and even got me pretty tipsy at times:)

At first my friends were freaking out when they heard I’d be couchsurfing. I was told that only pervs and freaks invite strangers to their house… well I guess not:) CS is free, people are generally very friendly and interesting and the experience is simply unbelivable! This is probably the cheapest way to travel, I mean you can’t get cheaper than 0$. So check out CouchSurfing, get a free account and start meeting people!