15,000 km of Europe

Alex Traveling 2010

This one will be interesting, so get ready!

On June 6th, Dennis, a good friend of mine and I are taking the plane from Montreal’s YUL airport straight to Amsterdam in Netherlands! Right before leaving to Amsterdam we’re driving a little over 600km to New Jersey to drop off my car at the port, the car will be then transported to Bremerhaven, Germany and will be used for most of our traveling (I will write a separate posts about transporting a car from North America to Europe since a lot of people have been asking me about it). Starting in Holland and finishing in Kiev, Ukraine we will travel someĀ  15,000 through Western and Eastern Europe, during 3 months. At the beginning of September Dennis will fly back to Montreal and I will stay in Europe for another 3 months.

We don’t have an exact map planned for this trip but here is a rough estimation:

AlexTraveling.com Eurotrip 2010 – Google Maps

Please note that Google maps would not allow me to add more destinations to this map – so the map is not complete. There will be Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and if time allows a few countries such as Slovenia, Slovakia, Moldova could be added to the map.

Our goal is to document as much of this trip as possible. We will try to find the the cheapest lodging, cheapest way of getting around town (once in town, the car will be parked) and well, just like in my previous posts on this site – I will do my best to share tips, tricks, reviews and advice with all of you in order to make your next trip to one of these destinations much simpler and much more desirable.

Some people have also asked me why I am bringing my car to Europe… Well there are a few reasons for this; I am going there for 6 months and I already own the car so in the long run traveling will be cheaper (than buying train tickets all of the time). When traveling between cities or when it might be impossible to find affordable housing, I can always sleep in the car. Since it will be a half a year trip – I am bringing quite a few things with me which will fit in the trunk of my hot hatch but will never fit it my luggage and then, it would be just awesome to drive a Quebec-plated car in Europe. If you don’t know me well enough – I love driving and for a few years it’s been a huge dream of mine to drive down the world’s most beautiful road from Davos to Stelvio. Dennis and I are also big Volkswagen fans and we’re sure we’ll meet a lot of “dubbers” through Europe.

Stay tuned, more to come!